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Another View on Racism

As the result of a recent Facebook post, which caused some controversy among my friends, I am forced to admit that I was a racist for the first half of my life. I had no clue that I was one. Like most people, I equated racism with bigotry, and I had certainly never been a bigot. However, I almost always gave preference to white people, Catholics, heavy drinkers, baseball players, funny people, and writers—people just like me. It was easy, comfortable, and predictable to have people like me around me. That took no effort. That took no risks. Continue reading


Book Excerpt, Chapter 2 – Race in the 1950s South

My first powerful experience of the harsh differences between black and white people occurred in 1958 when I was seven years old. My father needed a pouch of Half & Half tobacco for his pipe, and I asked to go to the store with him, because I was sure I could talk him into buying me a Three Musketeers bar—my favorite treat. Five cents could buy a candy bar large enough for two to share, although I didn’t intend to share it with anyone. Continue reading