*** NEW… Paintings ***

I took up painting again after a 15-year hiatus. Here are a few of the newer ones…

Painting 5 St Francis in the Garden

Painting 4 French Country House

1-Phase 5 - Complete Italian Village

Phase 3,4,5  Spring Bouquet

3-phase 4 & 5  Mexican Village


5 responses to “*** NEW… Paintings ***

  1. I really love all your paintings, Aodhan, but especially the French Country House.

  2. Thank you Barbara, I’ve got a long way to go…

  3. I’m still very partial to your French Country House, but I’m wondering if you might not have the same St. Francis of Assisi in your garden as I have.

  4. Thanks. I’m not much of a painter, but I enjoy splashing the paint on the canvas.

  5. I’m looking to see much more of your work on here, Aodhan. Much more. You continue to improve. That French Country House is still my favorite of what you have up.

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