Book Reviews for Don’t Worry…

I Really Enjoyed This Great Book by Amazon Customer

BOOK-SMALLI really enjoyed this great book! A. Richardson gives us a vivid, first-person account of his life that involved many up’s and down’s, failures and victories. There are many “life-stories” out there, but Richardson is an exceptional story-teller. His honesty shows courage. You’ll enjoy getting to know his family, friends, and co-workers. He writes like a true novelist; I didn’t want the story to end. “Don’t Worry” weaves, laughter, sadness, and hope into an inspiring work in the great tradition of the Spiritual Journey. Get it today. (And get one for a friend ’cause you’ll want to hang on to your copy!)

“Here is a book that is rich on many levels.”
By Publisher, Willow Valley Press This is an autobiography and much more. The book begins with a model childhood and a promising life, but later turns into the most dramatic roller coaster you will ever read about.

The book is about a fully-dimensioned life: a model childhood, multiple successful careers, good and bad marriages, religious intolerance, rediscovery of family roots in Ireland, and drinking/sobriety/drinking/sobriety. The ending is happy and inspiring!
Everyone will benefit from reading it, particularly people recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction and who are working a Twelve Step recovery program. It will be especially helpful and insightful for people who are wondering if maybe they need a Twelve Step recovery program, too.

“A Remarkable Life’s Journey”  By Kenneth Umbach, Ph.D., on February 21, 2015. Amazon Review – Verified Purchase  

This is the blurb I wrote for the book, used on the back cover: “Don’t Worry, the Floor Broke My Fall sheds light not only alcoholism, but also on coming-of-age, family dynamics, employment, romantic relationships, religious faith, and the mutual impacts of all of those. Richardson offers a relentless and brutally revealing window into a complicated and enlightening life.”Aodhán Richardson’s memoir might be about as illuminating a story of a lifetime battle with alcoholism as is to be found. It is more than that, of course, as Richardson is a man of learning and insight and wide experience. And he can write.I recommend Don’t Worry, The Floor Broke My fall to anyone who has a friend, relative, or co-worker with alcoholism, or who has faced alcoholism in his or her own life.. (That, I suspect, is the majority of readers — we all know someone in that category, if not several someones.) Everyone’s story is different, of course, but I suspect that some core elements are widely shared.Beyond that, it is a story of a multifaceted life, and interesting and valuable for that. And despite the grim parts (there are a lot of those), the memoir has humor, and at the end (no spoiler this, as I think it is apparent from the beginning), it is a story of success.At the author’s and publisher’s request, I read and commented on a late draft of book as it neared publication (hence the blurb). Since it was published, I have purchased copies to give to friends and associates.

I found it to be happy, sad By Tina on December 23, 2014. Amazon Review

This book contains many well-written and entertaining stories. I found it to be happy, sad, funny, tragic, and amusing. I think anyone who reads this will be able to relate to a number of Richardson’s humorous, brutally honest and enlightening life events.

Outstanding! By Kenneth F. Tullis, MD, F.A.S.A.M., A.B.A.M.  
This book is wonderfully nostalgic, often hilarious, extremely touching, and exceptionally honest. An absolute must-read; it is an especially poignant narrative about growing up in the South.

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