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Aodhán Richardson was born in Memphis, TN in 1951. He was educated in parochial schools from kindergarten through high school, and he attended both undergraduate and graduate schools at the University of Memphis.

The first twelve years of his career were in sales, marketing, and business management. For the next twelve years he worked in the health care field as a therapist, employee assistance professional, marketing director, and administrator in Tennessee and Florida. He wrote his first book “Managing the Troubled Employee: A Guide for Supervisors” in 1992. He returned to Tennessee and attended graduate school and spent the last twenty years of his career as an award-winning technical writer, instructional designer, and information development advisor for a Fortune 100 company.

He also taught courses in expository, research, persuasive, and technical writing as well as technical editing at the University of Memphis as a graduate student and later as a part-time instructor. He retired from corporate life in 2013 and now works as a writer.

He is the father of three children and the grandfather of five. He and his wife, Rae, who is also a technical writer, live in Germantown, TN.


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