Monthly Archives: November 2015

Airport Gates are Numbered for a Reason

Angela’s mother had come down to Florida to help during the first couple of weeks after we brought our new daughter Karen home from the hospital, and I was glad she did. I loved her mother very much. Angela, of course, was thrilled. I had a business trip planned, and I left several days later. Now, Angela and her mother could enjoy their time together taking care of the new baby.

sleeep_zpsti1jtxixNow, this is one of those incidents, which is fuzzy in my memory. I hope it’s fuzzy in Angela’s memory too. At the end of my trip, I was at the airport waiting for my flight by sitting in the bar getting pleasantly drunk. When my flight was called, I boarded the plane and ordered a drink from the flight attendant. I ordered several more as we flew to our layover in Houston. Continue reading